FILIPINO WORKERS NETWORK DEPLORES USING RACISM TO WIN VOTES                                      Oct 13, 2015

In six days, October 19 federal election is upon us. The Filipino Workers Network (FWN) of the Toronto & York Region Labour Council expresses our deep concern over how the issue of niqab has been raised repeatedly to incite the politics of fear and division. We, the Filipino Workers Network, affirm messages of solidarity to our Muslim sisters and brothers. We strongly criticize the use of racism and xenophobia to divide the community and stir them away from the real issues in this federal election.


The Filipino Workers Network condemns using racism to win votes. We remember the Filipino community’s struggle in 1993 when Filipino youth were banned from the Scarborough Town Centre because they are Filipinos. We remember the mauling and killing of Mao Jomar Lanot in Vancouver. We remember the hate graffiti and physical violence against 25 Filipino youth at Vancouver Technical Secondary School in 1999. We remember Jeffrey Reodica who was shot by the police in 2004. We remember the racial profiling of young Filipinos in Montreal. In recent years local reports of anti-Filipino sentiments due to abusive use of the Foreign Temporary Workers program by food service industry.


Six thousand Filipinos leave the Philippines each day, because of economic and political uncertainties. Canada is now home to us and we share in Canada’s concern that we are losing good jobs, losing public utilities due to privatization and losing our rights and freedoms.


We believe this election must focus on making a better Canada. A Canada that embraces diversity, respects human rights and fights for social justice. A caring Canada that protects the environment. A Canada that cares about its people and the world.


We urge everyone to go out and vote. We have the right. Let us exercise it.




The Filipino Workers Network consists of union members volunteering with the Toronto and York Region Labour Council.

For more information please contact Paulina Corpuz

campaigns@labourcouncil.cav (416) 320-8703