Farewell Senator Tobias Jun” Enverga



(Photo from Senator Enverga’s website).

The unexpected news of his death leaves the Filipino community a great feeling of loss. No matter the politics, Senator Tobias “Jun” Enverga has touched the lives of many. He has dedicated and committed to the advancement of the vulnerable. I met him as a volunteer of the Philippine Independence Day Council. He was the PIDC President then. My vivid memory of him is when we were helping gather signatures for the cause of the late Juana Tejada.¬† Senator Enverga allowed the announcing and gathering of signatures in the Salo-salo¬† Senator’s last press release was about the Caregiver’s plight and how the current government is failing them-the issue of backlog.

Senator Enverga, God has called you. Your mission is complete on earth. May the Good Lord continue to shine His light on you and your family.