About Us

April 2016.  There is an estimated 800,000 people with Filipino heritage in Canada.  In Toronto, there is an estimated 150,000. Most Filipino workers are employed in the service and healthcare sectors, in the most vulnerable and precarious jobs. Workers migration from the Philippines continues on a larger scale (5 to 6 thousand leave the country daily) despite the uncertainty and harsh conditions of the receiving countries.  The Philippines continues to be one of Canada’s top source of workers.

The Filipino Workers Network was born out of the need to organize Filipinos who are members various labour unions. It is building a network of union activists in the Greater Toronto Area. Last July 22,2014 Filipino-Canadian union members came together for their first organizing meeting to plan how to take the union message into the community, as well as supporting each other. For the past few months, the founding members started to reach out to the different unions and have signed up more members.

Those who are interested to join please contact Paulina at campaigns@labourcouncil.ca or call 416-441-3663 x 223. Or email

To join online, click here.