Support Dan Harris campaign

Saturday, October 3, from 2-6

Meet at 2436 Kingston Road Scarborough, Ontario M1N1V3

Call or text 416-320-8703 for information

Or email us:

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Support Rathika Sitsabaiesan Campaign

Saturday, October 10, from 2-6

Meet at Rathika’s Campaign office

Call or text 416-320-8703 for information

Or email us:

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Changing Workplaces Review

Representatives of the Filipino Workers Network and Chinese Workers Network made a deputations at the Changing Workplaces Review on temp workers & non-union jobs on June 24, 2015.

The Filipino Workers Network representatives deputation emphasized the importance of the Employment Standard Act (ESA) as the main protection for non-unionized workers. The recommendations forwarded were on enforcement, education and accountability.

1. On enforcement

2. On education

3. On accountability

Members of the Filipino Workers Network shared their stories as it relates to the enforcement of ESA in their workplaces.

To learn more about this, go to the following links:

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Global Union Climate Conference in Paris, France

The International Trade Union Congress (ITUC) are
hosting an international climate summit for 200 trade unionists from all over the world in Paris on the 14th
and 15th of September. The climate jobs campaigns in
several countries will be part of the conference,
and we urge any trade unionists interested
in the idea of climate jobs to come.

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Labour Parade

Members of the Filipino Workers Network are strongly encourage to participate in the parade. Let us make our presence known as a Union member of Filipino heritage.

Join us for the Toronto Labour Day Parade, the first Monday of September.

Details to follow.

Please keep an eye on the weather and dress appropriately. Wear comfortable shoes. Don’t forget your water bottle and sunscreen!

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Have fun with us at the September 7 Labour Day parade

We missed you at the Taste of Manila and Mabuhay Philippines.

So, please do not miss our two important events in September. It is ours.  We encourage everyone to show up. It would be MORE FUN to be with you on these two events.

  • Labour Day Parade on September 7, 2015
  • Salu-salo ng Filipino Workers Network on September 19, 2015

September Labour Day Parade

Come and walk with us on September 7, 2015 Labour Day parade, either as part of your union or as part of the Filipino Workers Network. We need you to raise the profile of Filipinos in the labour community. We need you to show that we are awake, we are aware and we are ready to join the fight to improve employment standards, labour laws and our quality of living. We need you to show that we are a community to reckon with.

Bring your family and friends as well. Just let us know by Friday. September 3 who will join the parade so we can reserve the CNE entrance wristband required to enter CNE where the parade ends. Gathering place is at Queen St. W and University Ave at 8:00 am. The parade will start at 9:00 am.


Salo-salo ng Filipino Workers Network on September 19, 2015, 6:00 pm @ OFl Building, M4, 15 Gervais Dr., Toronto, Ontario. Admission $10.


For information: Contact Paulina Corpuz 4163208703 (text preferable) or email

Visit our website at filipinoworkers.orgA

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Wish you were there

It would have been more fun if you were with us.

The Filipino Workers Network was alive and kicking at the two major Filipino festivals in Toronto. We were there!

Taste of Manila @ Bathurst and Wilson on August 22 and 23, 2015

Taste of Manila, our largest street festival was organized by the Philippine Cultural Community Center and the Philippine Consulate General. The street festival closed Bathurst St from Wilson Ave to Laurelcrest Ave., from 12:01 .am. of August 22 to 7 p.m. of August 23, 2015, longer than the previous year location.


The event attracted more than 100,000 one thousand goers in two days.

The festival was opened with a street parade joined by various Filipino groups and associations. The food vendors presented popular Filipino dishes and street food that can only be had in Filipino festivals. One of the main attractions of Taste of Manila is the “budong fight”.  Of course, the trademark of most Filipino events, the main crowd drawer is the imported Filipino talent from the Philippines, Jericho Rosales.


Mabuhay Philippines @ David Pecaut Square in downtown Toronto on August 29 and 30, 2015


Imagine, a back-to-back Filipino event in a span of a week! And both events were successful in raising the profile of the Filipinos in Toronto.


Members of the Filipino Workers Network were in both events. The two events cannot be compared against each other. They actually complement one another. Where one focused on food, the other focused on fashion. Where one presented community participation in the parade, the other showcased the Flores de Mayo parade reminiscent of the May festival in the Philippines complete with the parade of beauty title holders lovely young women, wearing Rene Salud and Shanon Pamaong with flower laden archs and handsome escorts in barongs gracing the more than 80 groups and associations who joined the community parade.

It was an August to be remembered.  It would have been more fun if you were there with us.


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Mabuhay Philippines

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Taste of Manila

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IMMIGRANT CITY! Rally at the Trump Hotel

Toronto is a proud city of immigrants!In light of Donald Trump’s recent anti-immigrant statements in the media, UNITE HERE Local 75 will be celebrating the diversity and multiculturalism of Toronto and its hospitality industry.

Join us!

What: Join Trump Toronto workers and hospitality workers from across the city as we tell Donald Trump that Toronto is a proud city of immigrants!

When: Thursday, August 6th from 5pm -7pm

Where: Trump International Hotel & Tower Toronto
325 Bay Street (Bay & Adelaide)

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