On Saturday May 14th Labour Council will hold it’s annual AWOC Conference at the Toronto Don Valley Hotel.
Exciting keynote by TERRY MELVIN – President of CBTU, Secretary-Treasurer of New York State AFL-CIO.
The conference title is “Developing Leaders – for Today’s Issues and Tomorrow’s Struggles”. Registration is only $60 (inc. lunch & parking). We look forward to many new activists attending this year.
​Click on image to download registration form & select your workshops!

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Global Solidarity Conference, May 6-8, 2016

For 2016 LabourStart will be returning to Canada for our Global Solidarity Conference.  The conference will be held in partnership with the Labour Council of Toronto and York Region in the city of Toronto, 6-8 May, at Ryerson University.

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Thank You. Salamat Po

Thank you. You came from all corners of the Greater Toronto Area, from east to west, north to south. Some of you came even as far as London, Vaughan, Brampton, Mississauga, Markham, Pickering, and Ajax. You chose to come to be with fellow Filipino Canadians. It is for us, Filipinos, a proud and historic moment.  You gave affirmation to the work that is being done to advance the rights and welfare of workers. You gave recognition to the struggles that workers of Filipino origin are experiencing. You made the event significant before of your presence and support. Your resounding “Yes” still echoes.

Yes, “Thousands of Filipinos leave the Philippines daily to go to countries like Canada because of worsening economic and political situation in the Philippines. Canada is now home to us and we share in Canada’s concern that we are losing good jobs, losing public utilities due to privatization and losing our rights and freedoms as a people. We are deeply concerned about poverty and injustices happening around us, about issues that affect the working families and the community. We fear for the uncertain future of our families, our children and our children’s children. As Filipino Workers Network, we join in making a better Canada, a Canada that cares about its people. A Canada that protect the rights of workers and upholds the rights and freedoms of its people.” We

Yes,”…we are committed in the fight to improve workers’ rights. We strongly support the changes to Employment Laws that will stave off poverty, benefits workers and lay the foundation for the next generation of workers.”

Yes, ” …We join and support the campaign to keep our public utilities public.”

Yes, “…we are committed to protecting our environment and ensure that workers are protected when their jobs are being eliminated or changed due to transitioning to green jobs.”

Yes, “We condemn racism.” We are continually discriminated upon as a people yet our voices are not heard. We are the invisibles or the visible minorities.

Yes,We strongly support the demand to permanent resident status for all temporary workers currently working in Canada.”

We are committed to uphold respect and dignity and better living and working conditions for all workers, unionized or non-unionized. We join in making a better Canada, a Canada that cares about its people. A Canada that protect the rights of workers and upholds the rights and freedoms of its people.” Workers’ rights are human rights! Equal rights for all workers!

Thank you for the sponsors that believe in the work that we do: Toronto & York Labour Council with support and sponsorship from the SEIU Healthcare, Unite Here Local 75, United Steelworkers USW local 1998, OCEU (Ontario Compensation Union /CUPE Local 1750 (WSIB), USW Toronto Council, USW Region and Luminus Financial.

Thank you. Salamat Po

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1st Filipino Workers Network Conference

409slide01mariaroundKEYNOTE: MARIA CASTANEDA

The highest ranking woman of Asian descent among labor leaders in the United States. She is a vice president of the 2.1 million-member Service Employees International Union (SEIU).

More information about Maria Castaneda:

Limited Space! Click here to Register Online.

Cost: Union Member – 30 | Community – $25

Download Individual Registration Form.

Download GROUP REGISTRATION FORM (for Unions and Organizations that sponsor their members).

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Facilitators’ Training

Training for Filipino Workers  who will facilitate at the April Conference.

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International Women’s Day Rally, Saturday March 5th.

IWD2016It’s time to celebrate and make the power of the women’s and labour movement be heard. Join thousands on the streets of Toronto celebrating IWD and marching for Justice on the Job, an end to the Gender Wage Gap, and Good Jobs for All. Together let’s raise our voices against poverty jobs,  violence and hate, racism and Islamophobia.


Bring your banners, flags and placards. Rally at 11am at OISE, 252 Bloor Street West. March starting at 1pm.  More info at

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Chinese Workers Network New Year Banquet


When: Sun, February 28, 5:00pm – 8:30pm
Where: 4438 Sheppard Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1S 1V2, Canada (map)
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Keep Hydro Public


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CUPE79 begin Work2Rule

Come to City Hall this Thursday at noon to support CUPE Local 79!
After months of fending off massive concessions, CUPE Local 79 members responsible for childcare, recreation and other indoor jobs at the City of Toronto began a work-to-rule campaign this week.  Mayor Tory and his Conservative Deputy Mayor Denzil Minnan-Wong are demanding cuts from these front-line workers, many of whom have precarious jobs, even while providing police with a cumulative pay increase of 8.64 per cent over four years. The police budget ballooned over $1 billion this year. See what Royson James has to say about it Find out more at

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The Ontario provincial government “spends more on interest than on colleges and universities”, according to Mike Crawley of CBC News, “Taxpayers are shelling out $11.4 billion in interest on the debt this year. That’s more than the government is spending in either community and social services ($11.1 billion) or colleges and universities ($7.8 billion).” Ontario’s debt is now $298.9 billion from $153 billion in 2007-08.

Does this really matter to me as a worker and an Ontarian?

I am not an economist. As a lay person that came from a developing country. I have experienced and know that there is a greater possibility in the future that the interest rate will increase which means that more tax money will pay for debt interest than spent on social services, education, and health. What will this mean to us, our families, our parents,  and our children?  What would happen to OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan), publicly funded education, fund assistance to college and university education, public utilities (hydro), seniors’ assistance? What about municipal services that are supported by the province? Again, there is a great possibility that the Ontario provincial government will download the services to the municipalities which may mean social services cut or increase tax to the people.

I know, it is a complex situation and it confuses simple workers like me.  All we know is that we work hard to pay our taxes hence we seek accountability from the government we elected.  We as workers carry the burden of keeping the economy alive. We work precarious and vulnerable jobs so all we ask is stable future for all workers and Ontarians – a safe and respectful community where people have access to safe and affordable housing, medical and health services, green and clean environment, children are publicly educated in a healthy school environment, and most of all, an Ontario that respects and value diversity. We strongly urge the provincial government to incorporate the following:

Priority 1:        Apply a “Climate Change” lens to all decisions made by every Ministry. All new infrastructure must be designed to attain the lowest carbon footprint in its operation. Economic development policies and investment must help place Ontario’s private and public sectors on the cutting edge of sustainable practices and business opportunities. Money from Carbon Trading should be re-invested in green technology. Ensure the benefits of a green economy are fully shared with all communities.

Priority 2:        Restore the capacity of public revenues. Instead of selling Hydro One, ensure corporations and tax evaders pay their fair share by:

  • Reversing the disastrous corporate tax cuts by restoring the rate to 14%, which could generate over $2 billion annually.
  • Increasing efforts to collect the more than $2 billion in unpaid taxes the Auditor General has uncovered.
  • Removing the exemptions from the Employer Health Tax, which could generate up to $2.5 billion.

Priority 3:        Undo the structural inequities and ideological distortions left over from the Harris cuts and downloading. Restore and extend funding for social housing, transit operation, schools and childcare. Scrap the privatization of key services and assets such as transit and hospitals. Abandon any plans to further outsource public services, and challenge any aspect of CETA and TPP that would undermine the ability to support Canadian jobs.

Priority 4:         Commit to a comprehensive agenda of social, racial and economic equity. Strengthen workers’ rights in order to tackle income inequality, build on the Community Benefits process for public infrastructure, invest in a robust Anti-Racism Secretariat, address the Gender Wage Gap, update the Fair Wage policy and raise the Minimum Wage to $15.

Priority 5:        Commit to pro-actively strengthening the social infrastructure needed to address growing poverty, youth violence, obesity and health, and the aging population.  Reduce tuition fees for college and university, and ensure that the next generation finds career opportunities that lead to decent jobs and a secure future.


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Thank you. Salamat.

Thank you to the sponsors and supporters of the First Filipino Conference.

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