We condemn racism. We remember the Filipino community’s struggle in 1993 when Filipino youth were banned from the Scarborough Town Centre because they are Filipinos. We remember the mauling and killing of Mao Jomar Lanot in Vancouver. We remember the hate graffiti and physical violence against 25 Filipino youth at Vancouver Technical Secondary School in 1999. We remember Jeffrey Reodica who was shot by the police in 2004. We remember the racial profiling of young Filipinos in Montreal. We are continually discriminated as a people, the butt of jokes and receiver of disdain looks. While we take care of the elderly and children; we work in farms to grow food; serve food and do cleaning jobs. We do not see our faces and hear our voices in the government or in important governing structures. We are the invisibles among the visible minorities.

We, strongly criticize the use of racism and xenophobia to the community and stir them away from the real issues in the community. We must focus on making a better Canada. A Canada that embraces diversity, respects human rights and fights for social justice.  A Canada that cares about its people and the world.